Matt Cowlin

Matt Cowlin

Marketing Designer, App Screenshots, & Marketing Contracter

What I'm working on

In 2012 I founded Teleprompter Pro which gained significant traction and later sold in 2023. I now focus on making Voice Teleprompter, Scrolling Credits Maker Pro (Now SOLD), Building and a collection of Freelance Projects such as The Steak Shop and I Love Caviar .
I'm currently looking for new clients and opportunites so please do Get in touch


Over the years I've built some 90+ Apps, mostly in the video production and productivity space.

Past projects

I've been a professional marketer for 12+ years. I've worked on a plethora of my own apps and seen great Marketing Success at Geckoboard, Hopster.TV, Ripmax, ITS, The Steak Shop, I Love Caviar & many more

New Clients

After the recent sale of one of my biggest projects, I'm actively seeking for 2-3 more clients looking for expert marketing assistance, book a call with me if you'd like to chat more

How much do I charge?

I'm actively looking for new clients currently booking for 2024. My pricing is very flexible and a general discussion to find something that works for us both. As a starting point, for some existing clients I charge £850 per month for 2 requests per week or £1900 per month for unlimited requests*. 1 Month rolling contract, 20% discount for any clients signing a 12 month retainer. I require just 24 hours notice, I will not be a full time employee but will complete all required tasks in a timely manor.

What can I do for you?

My expertise is email marketing. I can design, optimise & send all your email campaigns. I can build an email calendar that converts and advice on what to send and when. I'm experienced in building drip campaigns and customer journeys. I also go beyond that with significant experience in Social Media Management, Paid Ad Campaigns, SEO & Site audits, Community Management & much more. Talk to me also about App Development

Why wouldn't I just hire someone?

Great question! To begin, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level marketing executive now surpasses £40,000, along with attractive benefits (and finding one available can be quite the challenge!). Additionally, there might be occasions when you don't have sufficient work to keep them occupied all the time, resulting in payment for idle hours. However, with our monthly option, you gain the flexibility to pause and resume your subscription as needed, ensuring that you only pay for your marketing executive's services when there's work available for them.

Get in touch

I'd love to chat to you. Drop me an Email or follow me on X (The bird app)