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    Designing CTA’s that convert – Stop designing them!


    Here’s the thing about calling your potential customers to an action. They don’t want to be your customer and they don’t want to do what you want them to do. You are their friend and they are listening to your advice.

    If you, reading this were to email me with an awesome Blog post you’d just found, which of the two is your email more likely to look like?



    Hey Matt! I found this awesome post about subject X the other day and thought of you, I think you’d love it. Here’s the link:




    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for continuing to be my friend. I’ve been looking at blog posts over the last week and think you’d love this one. Let me know what you think!

    <button>Click here to read blog post</button>

    Just hit reply to this email if you’d like to chat more about this!





    Your customer’s don’t see themselves as your customers. They look to you for advice and help in their field of professionalism. What makes you think convincing a potential customer to click a link is any different to asking your buddy to? Hint – it isn’t.

    TOP TIP:

    1) Open Gmail

    2) Type your buddy’s email address in the To field

    3) Drop them a message telling them about your new product, I’m sure they’d love to know.

    4) Copy that email

    5) Paste into Mailchimp & tweak where needed

    6) There you have your email.





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